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Wondering what it’s like to come on a Rock My Adventure trip? Here’s what others have to say!

Rock My Uganda & Rwanda Adventure 2018

“Helen was more than amazing…I could not do what she does. She listens, she accommodates when possible, she is flexible and she is caring. The numerous adventures in Rwanda and Uganda were steeped in a cultural awareness that made this trip different from any other African safari tours.” (Debbie, USA)

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Rock My Kenya Adventure 2018

“So awesome. All I can say is thank you, from the very depth of my heart. Helen, you are a pro. Really, great attitude, great organization and you handle people very well. And it all comes naturally :-). Jessie is great too. I really love her attitude. A LOT of traveling is about having the right attitude and she is a natural. I miss you two already!! No adventure in life is the same. That’s what makes it an adventure! I loved the relationships I built with my fellow backpackers, and the experiences we shared together!” (Kurt, Canada)

“I wanted to see as much of Kenya in the time given – which I feel I did. I liked the variety but also liked that there was no pressure to not take part if you didn’t fancy something or just wanted to chill for a bit. Jessi (and Helen) were great. Always made sure everyone was ok. Went out there way to ensure everyone had what they needed. Super patient, kind and good fun. Two great weeks with great people on the Rock My Kenya Adventure tour. I loved the variety of places we went to, the people we met throughout the tour, the activities we did from climbing a hill with Masai guides, seeing so many different animals on safari, learning some Swahili, getting to the see real side of towns and cities we went to not just touristy areas, and the beautiful Diani beach. Our guides Helen and Jessi were great fun, looked after everyone very well and even helped with advice regarding onward travel and accommodations.” (Liz, UK)

“This was my first trip to Africa. What away to explore Kenya, a really good mixture of sight seeing, and immersing into Kenyan life. From eating a meal at Carnivore to partying in a township in the Maasai Mara where there was no other tourists with well informed guides and a fun packed itinerary. This is a trip not one to miss. I loved it and would definately book another tour. I found Jessi to be fun, informative, knowledgeable and organised. I think you would be hard pushed to make this tour any better. I still don’t know how you did this on this budget.” (Emily, UK)

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Rock My Morocco Adventure – 2018

“I was surprised at how beautiful Morocco truly is. I can’t even put it into words!! The trip was the perfect blend of scenery, nature, and culture to give you an insightful glimpse into what life in Morocco is truly like. And the people! They were so friendly, didn’t matter if they were locals or travelers. Helen is a lively, energetic guide who carefully plans out every detail of the tour to provide you with the perfect blend of all the attributes of Morocco within a two week span. I would not hesitate to go on a Rock My Adventure tour again!” (Mary, USA)

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Rock My Tanzania & Zanzibar Adventure – 2018

“It was an unforgettable trip to Tanzania & Zanzibar and I loved every minute – so much fun and a new experience every day! If anyone’s thinking of doing a trip to Africa, don’t hesitate, just do it! Go with Helen and experience the real culture of the country and its’ people. I can’t wait for the next adventure!” (Jeanne, UK)

“I have had a fantastic time, thank you, you are the best. Thank you for the incredible journey and sharing your love of Africa with me. The laughs and memories will always be cherished… because of you I have fallen in love with Africa.” (Marsha, USA)

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Rock My Tanzania & Zanzibar Adventure – 2017

“This trip is definitely one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life!!” (Sharmi, Malaysia)

“The trip went beyond my expectations. I feel the soul of the trip was Helen. Having a guide that is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, sweet and energetic is very important.” (Nayeli, Mexico/USA)

“This is a memorable trip that will stay in your mind forever. The mix between relaxing, fun, sporty, cultural and nature activities is perfect and being able to do all that with an awesome group of people is invaluable. I didn’t expect to have so much fun and meet people as wonderful as you all are!(Almu, Spain)

“I would like to thank you for two of the most extraordinary trips I have ever had the joy of experiencing. As I review my photos I feel so overwhelmed. I had the pleasure to meet some amazing people thanks to you. We had great times just sitting around and joking with each other. If anyone is in doubt about booking a tour through Rock My Adventure, don’t hesitate, you’ll never regret it . Thank you, Helen. You are amazing! ❤ Go and you will thank me afterwards.” (Oana, Switzerland)

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Rock My Kenya Adventure – 2017

“I had the best time ever on the trip & it was so much fun traveling with you! It was everything I had hoped for and more! It 100% met my expectations. I love the fact that your trips are more unique than a normal tour operator. I enjoyed being taken out of my comfort zone in some places and seeing some really different sides of Kenya. I enjoyed the fact that we were made to feel so at home everywhere we went and I’m sure that was helped by the fact you’ve obviously created a lot of meaningful friendships in the country during your time travelling there. It felt like we got a more unique experience than you would get with usual tour operator. I think you make a fantastic guide and your passion for the country definitely shows and adds to the experience.” (Sarah, UK)

“Thank you for one of the best two weeks of my life. By far the most incredible holiday I’ve ever been on. It was run so brilliantly by you and honestly, I had so much fun. I won’t forget some of our hilarious nights out.” (Allanagh, UK)

“This is the best thing I could have done for myself to boost my confidence. It was honestly the best thing I have ever done in my life, bar none. I have made genuine friends that I’m already planning to meet with again. Take me with you everywhere you go…..everywhere! Thank you so much for doing the job you do, I can’t explain how amazing this trip was.” (Kayleigh, UK)

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Rock My Uganda, Rwanda & DRC Adventure – 2017

“Helen is one of those people who will make any situation really fun. This girl could make a tour through my mildewy basement seem like a blast, so having her introduce me to sub-Saharan Africa was pretty much the best thing ever!!” (Silvia, Norway/USA)

If you’d like to get a full overview, have a read of Silvia’s blog (Heart My Backpack), as she’s done a full review on the Uganda, Rwanda and DRC tour. I asked her to come along, not as a blogger, but as a participant, to enjoy and just be brutally honest when she wrote about it and here’s what she thought.

“This was everything I hoped for and more. If the plane had crashed on the way home, I would have died happy!” (Natalie, Northern Ireland)

“You showed me “Africa” the real Africa, the people, the villages, the wildlife! I didn’t want hotels, complexes, swimming pools! I want to see the world, the real world, how other people live, the real Africa!! I got the whole package, the reality, the beauty, the wonder! You left me wanting more and eager that see more of what the amazing Africa has to offer! Second trip with you! I keep coming back so clearly I enjoy them!” (Karen, UK)

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Rock My Kenya Adventure – 2016

“Everything was amazing! I learned so many things!” (Oana, Switzerland)

“It was an amazing trip from start to end. I loved every moment and made friends for life. I always knew I’d love it I just didn’t know how much! We had somewhere to go most days but with plenty of downtime. We got a lot in for the time we were travelling. I was happy with that because I wanted to take in as much of Kenya as I could. There is the option to sit out day trips if you want to do your own thing. I always wanted to travel to Kenya but I feared travelling alone. This was ideal for me. I met some amazing people. (Debbie, UK)

“Africa is not always the easiest place to travel around, and after 3 months of backpacking I was all ready to give my brain a break from travel planning, so it was definitely a relief to have Helen come in and manage all that! I like her tour because it fit me – it was a small group tour, just 8 of us which is a nice number to make new friends and get to know everyone yet have our own thing, and it was a good mix of fancier stuff and indie backpacking. You just might see us on the next tours because we are all game for round 2 with Helen! Definitely a 5 star review ⭐! (Jac, Singapore)

“I’ve a lot to thank my African adventure for, it truely did help me find myself and has given me the confidence to just go see the world. I never wanted to leave!!! You’ll have the most amazing experience!!!(Karen, UK)

“It was a great introduction into Africa travel, before I set out solo travelling. Also as I traveled solo and shared experiences in Kenya with people I was meeting, I sounded like a seasoned solo traveler thanks to you. I did not know what to expect but I think I understand Kenya pretty well now. I think you were able to portray and pass on your infectious love of Kenya to us all and I am forever grateful! Asante!” (Christina, USA)

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