Rock My Sierra Leone Adventure

Sierra Leone Group Tour

I think it’s time to venture over to the other side of the African continent, don’t you?

So I am very excited to announce the very first Rock My Sierra Leone Adventure tour! West Africa, here we come!

Sierra Leone (aka Sweet Salone) is an amazing and misunderstood country, with stunning landscapes, amazing wildlife and vibrant traditions yet due to its turbulent history, it’s pretty much untouched by mainstream tourism. So if you’re looking for a very different, real and intrepid adventure, then this Rock My Adventure Pioneer trip might just be the perfect trip for you!

Rock My Adventure is a small group Africa tour company for solo travellers, groups of friends and couples alike and for those who want to pack a lot into their limited (and precious) time.

The tours are culturally immersive trips created by me to show you a rounded portrayal of the countries we visit and leave you with a new group of like-minded friends and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

I work with the best local operators to provide you with the highly personalised African adventure you’ve always dreamed of but without the hassle of planning it all yourself!

Rock My Adventures aren’t typical ‘tours’. They’re fun, laid-back group trips, with an awesome, action-packed itinerary, but with some free time to explore and do your own thing and a group of friends built in – the best of both worlds!

Read more about Rock My Adventure here or take a look at our FAQ’s page to see what we’re all about!

Essential Info

  • Duration: 15 Nights
  • Start/Finish: Freetown (nearest airport – Freetown International Airport )
  • Maximum Group Size: 8 people
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Cost: £2,195 £1,845 + $1000* (local payment, paid on arrival)
  • Deposit: £200 (non-refundable, included in total cost above)
* The local payment is a portion of your overall tour cost paid on arrival to your tour leader in UD Dollars. This includes the on tour expenses that we cannot pay prior to arrival, such as national park entry fees, food, local transport and some activities.

Dates Available

  • 15 March – 30 March 2019 (only 1 place remaining)

Special Introductory Rock My Adventure Pioneer Discount Price of £1,845 + $1000* Local Payment! LIMITED TIME ONLY!



You can find full Terms & Conditions here.

Rock My Adventure Tours


Week 1 Highlights

  • Explore exciting Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, on a historical and cultural tour of the city.
  • Visit Bunce Island, a former slave-trading post and important historical site.
  • Freetowners know how to party so maybe you can join them on a night out in the city.
  • Shop for locally made handicrafts and souvenirs in the local markets.
  • Take a tour of the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary and learn about their amazing conservation work.
  • Hike in the jungle surrounding Tacugama and enjoy a picnic lunch.
  • Stay in eco-lodges at the sanctuary amongst birds, butterflies and wild chimpanzees.
  • Spend time at the Rogbonko Village Retreat, a community-based initiative, where we’ll experience the local culture and learn what it’s like to live in a rural village in Sierra Leone.
  • Take walks through the bush, go canoeing and learning to make local food at the Rogbonko Village Retreat.
  • Stay at Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary, an important conservation project on an inland island on the River Moa.
  • Go on a guided hike through the Tiwai Forest where you may see some of the rarest & most colourful primates in the world.

Week 2 Highlights

  • Search for the elusive and rare pygmy hippo on a night time tour of Tiwai island.
  • Take a scenic boat trip along the River Moa.
  • Visit some of the local villages surrounding Tiwai Island and see (and take part in) traditional dances.
  • Visit the Gola Rainforest National Reserve.
  • Stay on the chilled out Banana Islands and experience Sierra Leonian hospitality.
  • Go on a true adventure on a camping expedition to the beautiful Turtle Islands, one of the most remote places in West Africa.
  • Visit remote fishing communities in the Turtle Islands and learn about their unique and traditional way of life.
  • Relax on some of the most stunning beaches in West Africa.
  • Explore the Freetown Peninsular beautiful beaches.
  • Try all the amazing fresh seafood on offer.
  • Go surfing at Bureh Beach or try some of the fantastic water sports on offer along the peninsular.
  • Enjoy a goodbye dinner at one of Freetown’s best restaurants.

Sounds awsome, sign me up!

“You showed me “Africa” the real Africa, the people, the villages, the wildlife! I didn’t want hotels, complexes, swimming pools! I want to see the world, the real world, how other people live, the real Africa!! I got the whole package, the reality, the beauty, the wonder! You left me wanting more and eager that see more of what the amazing Africa has to offer! Second trip with you! I keep coming back so clearly I enjoy them!” (Karen, UK – Rock My Uganda, Rwanda & DRC Adventure 2017 & Rock My Kenya Adventure 2016)

Sierra Leone Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Freetown

Arrive in Freetown and transfer to your accommodation for the night.

Relax and get to know your fellow travellers during a meal and a Star beer or two! Welcome to ‘Sweet Salone’, your Rock My Sierra Leone Adventure starts here.

*  If you have the time and can arrive earlier, I can organise any other activities you wish to do. Additional accommodation and activities charged separately.

Meals Included: Dinner

Day 2: Freetown

Today we’ll take a tour of Freetown with a local guide to see all of the main historical sights and get a feel for the city.

After lunch, you will be able to do some souvenir shopping at the Big Market, a craft market where you can buy locally made hand-woven baskets, wooden carvings, fabric, jewellery, home furnishings, paintings leather sandals and bags.

On one of our evenings, we’ll visit the famous Franco’s Restaurant to watch the sunset and eat great food overlooking the ocean. Those who want to can sample the nightlife!

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

In the morning we’ll take a guided tour of the Tacugama Chimp sanctuary to find out about the important work that they do, caring for and rehabilitating almost 100 rescued chimpanzees, as well as doing community outreach, wildlife field research, environmental sustainability, conservation education and alternative livelihoods programs.

In the afternoon we’ll go on a beautiful hike through the jungle and enjoy a picnic lunch. That evening we’ll stay overnight in eco-lodges at the sanctuary amongst birds, butterflies and wild chimpanzees.

All proceeds from the lodges and tours go directly towards the animals and conservation projects of the sanctuary.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4 – 5: Rogbonko Village Retreat

From Tacugama, we’ll make our way to Rogbonko Village Retreat, a community-based initiative, where we’ll learn what it’s like to live in a rural village in Sierra Leone.

You will have chance to meet, interact and learn from the local people, as well as take part in a number of activities whilst we are here, such as walks through the bush, canoeing and learning to make local food.

We’ll sleep in traditional houses, eat local food and experience everyday life in the village.

Meals Included: 2 x Breakfast, 2 x Lunch, 2 x Dinner

Day 6 – 8: Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary & Gola Rainforest National Park

From Rogbonko we’ll make our way to the Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary which lies on one of Sierra Leone’s biggest inland islands on the River Moa.

Tiwai Island has one of the highest concentration of primates in the world with 11 different species and is home to around 80 rare and endangered pygmy hippos. The Sanctuary also supports the 8 communities living around it.

Whilst we are here, visit the Gola Rainforest National Reserve, go on a guided hike through the Tiwai Forest where we may see some of the rarest & most colourful primates in the world, we’ll take a scenic boat tour on the river and we’ll visit some of the local villages where we’ll get to see (and take part in) traditional dances.

There will also be time to take it easy and relax in a hammock overlooking the river. Those who want to can take an optional night tour to search for the pygmy hippos!

Meals Included: 3 x Breakfast, 3 x Lunch, 3 x Dinner

Day 9 – 10: The Banana Islands

Leaving Tiwai Island, we’ll head back towards the coast for our next stop, the Banana Islands, made up of 3 islands – Dublin, Ricketts and Mes-Meheux. We’ll be staying on Dublin, however you will have the chance to visit the other islands if you wish.

Here you can take part in a number of activities including a historical tour of the island, boat tours, forest walks, snorkelling, fishing, scuba diving and various watersports! Or you can just relax on the beach whilst the palm trees sway, it’s totally up to you!

Meals Included: 2 x Breakfast, 1 x Lunch 1 x Dinner

Day 11 – 12: The Turtle Islands

Today we’ll head out on an expedition to one of the most remote places in West Africa, the Turtle Islands, an archipelago made up of 8 islands, in the Atlantic Ocean.

We’ll spend two nights camping on these isolated islands, which are full of natural beauty, yet very untouched by tourism or indeed, the outside world.

Whilst we’re there, we’ll get a rare glimpse into a very different and traditional way of life as we visit some of the communities that call these islands home.

This will be a true adventure!

Meals Included: 2 x Breakfast, 2 x Lunch, 2 x Dinner

Day 13 – 14: Bureh Beach

From the Turtle Islands, we’ll head to our penultimate destination, stunning Bureh Beach on the Freetown Peninsular. Famous for the laid-back vibe and great surf!

Here we will have some time to let our hair down, enjoy the sunsets, relax, party, drink fresh coconut water and eat all the fresh seafood.

Along the peninsular there are all of the usual beach activities and there are also a few good surf spots along the coast too. Those who don’t fancy the water can venture inland to do some hiking, spend time in the village or you can do nothing!

Meals Included: 2 x Breakfast, 1 x Dinner

Day 15: Freetown

Leaving the beautiful peninsular, we’ll transfer back to Freetown for our final night.

You can do some last minute souvenir shopping or sightseeing before we head out on the town for a goodbye meal.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 16: Departure Day

Today is always a sad day as we say goodbye to our new friends (there’s usually a few tears, I will warn you), but the memories and shared experiences will last a lifetime.

I can arrange the transfer to Freetown International Airport or you can continue your Africa travels from there.

Meals Included: Breakfast

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Meet Your Tour Leader


African Adventure ToursI’ve been travelling through Africa on and off for the last 9 years and have guided trips through Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC.

I love to travel all over the world, but it’s Africa that holds the special place in my heart and I started this blog, first and foremost to encourage and help others travel in my favourite continent.

I’m passionate about experiential travel and I want to show you a different side of Africa. Not the Africa you see in the media, but the adventurous, beautiful, wild and real Africa I know and love.

I like to get to the heart of the places I travel, to go on epic adventures, to be out in the wild, to meet local people, to experience the nightlife, to try new things, to immerse myself in the culture and most of all to have fun! All Rock My Adventure tours are planned with all these things at the forefront.

You can find out more about me here.


What’s Included

  • Meals: 15 breakfasts,  11 lunches and 13 dinners.
  • Accommodation: 15 nights accommodation in good quality camps, hostels, hotels and guesthouses.
  • Transport: All transport within Sierra Leone to and from included excursions and between the main destinations on the tour (includes – taxi, mini bus, 4×4, boat).
  • Activities:
    • Historical tour of Freetown.
    • Bunce Island Tour.
    • Tour of Tacumgama Chimpanzee Sanctuary.
    • Hiking in the forest surrounding Tacumgama Chimpanzee Sanctuary.
    • Activities at Rogbonko Village Retreat.
    • Visit to the Gola Rainforest National Reserve.
    • Guided hike on Tiwai island.
    • Scenic boat tour on the River Moa.
    • Traditional cultural dance performance.
    • Banana Islands excursion.
    • Turtle Islands expedition.

What’s Not Included

  • Flights.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Sierra Leone visa.
  • Medications or vaccinations.
  • Travel/health insurance.
  • Drinks & meals not mentioned.
  • Optional activities.
  • Transport for optional activities.
  • Tips for local guides.

Please bear in mind that the itinerary is subject to minor changes. But whatever happens, I’ll endeavour to make sure you have an amazing trip!!

You can find full Terms & Conditions here.

I want you to Rock My Adventure!

Here’s what you can expect on a Rock My Adventure tour…


Wondering what it’s like to come on a Rock My Adventure trip? Here’s what others have to say! For a full list, check out the Testimonials page.

“It was an unforgettable trip to Tanzania & Zanzibar and I loved every minute – so much fun and a new experience every day! If anyone’s thinking of doing a trip to Africa, don’t hesitate, just do it! Go with Helen and experience the real culture of the country and its’ people. I can’t wait for the next adventure!” (Jeanne, UK)

“I have had a fantastic time, thank you, you are the best. Thank you for the incredible journey and sharing your love of Africa with me. The laughs and memories will always be cherished… because of you I have fallen in love with Africa.” (Marsha, USA)

“This trip is definitely one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life!!” (Sharmi, Malaysia)

“The trip went beyond my expectations. I feel the soul of the trip was Helen. Having a guide that is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, sweet and energetic is very important.” (Nayeli, Mexico/USA)

“I had the best time ever on the trip & it was so much fun traveling with you! It was everything I had hoped for and more! It 100% met my expectations. I love the fact that your trips are more unique than a normal tour operator. I enjoyed being taken out of my comfort zone in some places and seeing some really different sides of Kenya. I enjoyed the fact that we were made to feel so at home everywhere we went and I’m sure that was helped by the fact you’ve obviously created a lot of meaningful friendships in the country during your time travelling there. It felt like we got a more unique experience than you would get with a usual tour operator. I think you make a fantastic guide and your passion for the country definitely shows and adds to the experience.” (Sarah, UK)

“Helen is one of those people who will make any situation really fun. This girl could make a tour through my mildewy basement seem like a blast, so having her introduce me to sub-Saharan Africa was pretty much the best thing ever!!” (Silvia, Norway/USA)

If you’d like to get a full overview, have a read of Silvia’s blog (Heart My Backpack), as she’s done a full review on the Rock My Uganda, Rwanda and DRC tour. I asked her to come along, not as a blogger, but as a participant, to enjoy and just be brutally honest when she wrote about it and here’s what she thought.

I want you to… Rock My Adventure

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