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Planning a trip to Africa? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I know that planning a trip to Africa can be overwhelming. I’ve been there.

But I’ve been planning trips and travelling in Africa for over 14 years now and the whole reason this site exists is to help others do the same. I also run my own Africa tour company.

On this page, you’ll find my country guides and favourite Africa travel resources to help you plan your own amazing and life-changing trip across the African continent!

Planning Your Trip to Africa

How to Plan A Trip to Africa
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Africa Travel Inspiration

Solo Female Travel in Africa
My Top Africa Travel Tips
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Africa Group Tours

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Africa Planning Advice By Country

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Health & Safety

The sites below offer a great starting point to ensure you stay safe and healthy whilst travelling in Africa.

I strongly advise that you seek the advice of your doctor or a specialist travel clinic before you travel to Africa to ensure you are covered for everything.

Just remember that travel warnings for countries/specific areas in Africa, set out by the government of your home country can make some travel insurance policies invalid, so please ensure you check this prior to your trip, and if necessary, purchase additional cover for a specialist insurer.


Health Info


Yellow Fever

Packing Lists

Backpacking Africa Packing List
Kilimanjaro Packing List
Safari Packing List
What to Wear in Zanzibar

Visa Information

Knowing whether you need a visa or not, how much it’s going to cost you, and whether you need to apply in advance is one of your biggest considerations when travelling to Africa.

The rules vary from country to country and from passport to passport so you need to ensure you are prepared. I’ve written more about visa prep in my Top Africa Travel Tips post, but just always make sure you have 6 months (in some cases 1 year) left on your passport and at least 2 pages per country for stamps and visas.

The embassies are always your best source of information, however, their websites can be difficult to navigate/out of date, so you can also check on the sites below.

  • Project Visa: This is a great resource to get information on the visas you need for every country.
  • Wikipedia: You can check your visa requirements by destination and nationality which is really helpful