The Day I Met Jedward, Went to the Playboy Mansion and Saw Madonna’s Bush

“What’s your dream?” – The famous lines uttered in Pretty Woman.

Everyone goes to Hollywood looking for something, right? Fame, fortune, celebrities…


We only had one full day in LA on our USA road trip itinerary (why the heck did we not stay longer?), and with this in mind, we had specific goals:

  1. See the Hollywood sign.
  2. See a celebrity.
  3. Shop in Whole Foods (this was my friend Simone’s idea ”“ she reckons that’s where ALL the celebrities go ”“ see point 2).

So the five of us bundled into our hire car and made our way from our apartment in between Venice Beach and Santa Monica, to downtown Hollywood.

Hollywood Boulevard

We found a parking lot and walked to the Chinese Theatre, where we booked a ”˜Tour of the Stars Homes’ ”“ surely we’d see a celebrity that way!

Hollywood Chinese Theatre

Bruce Willis mowing his lawn perhaps? Courtney Cox popping out for a Starbucks. Maybe Oprah would invite us in for a cuppa”¦ I could feel it, something exciting was going to happen today. We waited around the back of the theatre until our driver, Gail, showed showed up. The five of us took up the back two rows. We put in our ear plugs and set off on our journey through the Hollywood Hills, Beverley Hills and Bel Air.


Hollywood Palm Ttrees


Starting out on Hollywood Boulevard, we passed famous Hollywood hotspots like the House of Blues and The Comedy Store as we headed west towards Sunset Boulevard. Next we were on on the Sunset Strip where we passed Whiskey A Go Go and The Viper Room, Johnny Depp’s former club, most famous for being the place where River Phoenix tragically died in 1993.

The Viper Rroom Hollywood

Swinging a left at the Beverley Hills Hotel, and the brilliantly named Pink Taco restaurant, we headed along Rodeo Drive towards the Regent Beverley Wiltshire.

The Beverley Hills Hotel & The Pink Taco Hollywood

Now I’m not being funny, but Beverley Hills is not that hard to find. Richard Gear just ‘stopping for directions’ in Pretty Woman…hmmm. I don’t think so.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

We climbed upwards, the roads snaking towards Beverley Hills. Gail stopped briefly at a view point so we could take pictures of the Hollywood sign and then we were off again. Celebrities – HERE WE COME!

Beverly Hills Sign

Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles

Or maybe not. We saw a lot of this…

Tour of the Stars Homes

It gets better…

Tour of the Stars Homes

Don’t get too excited…

Tour of the Stars Homes

And this – Tom Cruise’s chimney… apparently.

Tom Cruise's Chimney

We stopped at Madonna’s house, and saw her bush. Yes, all we could see of Madonna’s house, was a big fat, green bush, with a tiny bit of roof poking out over the top. In fact, we saw a lot of bush on our ‘Tour of the Stars Homes’.

Madonna's Bush

We did see a few actual houses, mostly in Bel Air, including this one, previously owned by one of my heroes, the legendary, Gene Kelly.

Gene Kelly Tour of the Stars Homes

A more accurate description would be ”˜Tours of the Stars Front Gates/Fences/Shrubbery’…. Mind you, with all these tours buses rocking up every half an hour or so, I’d grow myself a big hedge too.

All the while, the tour was hilarious, and weirdly awesome. But not a celebrity in sight.

Back at the Chinese Theatre, we played about putting our hands in the impressions and finding our favourite stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Chinese Theatre Hollywood Judy Garland

Still with no celebrity sightings, we bought a map of the stars homes on the way back to the car and decided to explore a bit more ourselves. I really wanted to go to the Playboy Mansion and we still had hope for Whole Foods.

But ‘celebrities’, as it turned out, found us….

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Walking down the busy street, Simone grabbed my arm. ”œHelen, Helen, there’s Jedward!”

I looked up, ”œWhat?”

”œJedward, there!” She pointed at two guys walking away from us, towards where we’d just come from.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the wonder that is Jedward, they are Irish twins, called John and Edward (get it?) famous for bad singing on the UK X-Factor. Somehow, they actually made it to the live shows and became national celebrities.

”œWhere? Are you sure? Shut up! No it’s not!”

”œIt is, go and get your picture with them!” PK shouted.

We changed direction, following the boys down the street. Despite the intense heat they were both wearing matching double denim.


Michael Jackson Walk of Fame

Nobody else seemed to be taking a blind bit of notice of them and not having seen their faces I still wasn’t convinced it was them.

”œGo on, ask them!” Simone, encouraged me, giggling as we did a weird stalker-ish sprint down the street until we caught up with them.

I touch one of them on the arm, ”œExcuse me?” He turned around.

It WAS Jedward. Well, one of them anyway.

”œHey how you doing?” He said in his sing-song Irish accent, ”œEdward, come back!” Ok, so this was John.

Not quite sure what to say at this poin, having chased these strangers down the street, all I could say was, ”œWould you mind if we had a photo with you?” I asked, pushing Simone in his direction, like a stage school mother.

“Yeah, sure!” Edward walked back, annoyed at having his phone call interrupted. To be fair I would be too.

”œCome on Jonathon! You know, people pay five dollaaaars for this!” He said huffily.

”œShut up Edward!” Jonathon said, grabbing his brother in for the photo. A lady selling Maps of the Stars Homes standing next to us got in on the action, repeatedly asked –  ”œWho are you guys, are you guys famous? Hey, who are you guys? Excuse me, who are you guys?”

Jonathon turned to her, ”œWe’re One Directiiiioon!” he said, putting his arm around Simone and telling the lady that they were “old friends”!

One Direction in Hollywood

Jedward in Hollywood

I jumped in for my photo, Edward had cheered up by this point and they chatted with us for a minute before heading off on their way. The next best thing to seeing and A-list celebrity in Hollywood? Seeing Jedward, that’s what!

Mission accomplished.

We never did see any celebrities in Whole Foods but we did go to the Playboy Mansion…

The Playboy Mansion

The Playboy Mansion

Essential Info:

  • We booked our tour through Starline Tours at the Chinese Theatre.
  • Tours range from $42 – $55 per person, dependent on whether you book online/direct at the theatre or are picked up at your hotel.
  • Recommended tip per person is $8 – $10.
  • The tour last approx 2 hours.
  • We didn’t see any stars, or much of their homes as it turned out, but it was still fun.
  • Jedward not guaranteed!

Have you ever come across a ‘celebrity’ (or two) on your travels?

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  1. First of all…great title! lol I’ve wanted to go to Hollywood FOREVER!!!!! I’d say you hit most of my Hollywood bucket list sites too 🙂 And congrats and finding a celeb! haha 🙂

    1. Thanks Karisa… ha ha! We absolutely loved going round Hollywood and Beverly Hills etc… was much more fun than I expected. I’m not sure if I can call them ‘celebs’… maybe in the loosest sense of the word! 🙂

  2. That’s too funny. Of all the famous people you could have met! Nice that they stopped to chat and have their photo taken. I’m a teeny bit jealous! x

    1. Ha ha, John was really nice, Edward was a little moody at first but it was boiling and he was on the phone!! We were convinced we were going to see an A-LIster though!

    1. You ae welcome! I’m expecting Nat Geo to call me up any time now… perhaps make a 10 page spread of celebrity chimneys and bushes! 😉

  3. Hahaha Helen you are so funny. I never heard of Jedward, they look like twilight vampires. We did the same thing in Hollywood and saw no one! On the way out though we spotted Rich from Days of Our Lives… we did the pretend to walk past and snap a picture instead of asking him hehehe.

    1. Ha ha! I don’t think many people have heard of them outside the UK! 🙂 It was fun spotting them… I would have liked it to be Leonardo DiCaprio though…

  4. Ha ha ha! Madonna’s bush. Is that “style” back in fashion 🙂 Your posts really do make me laugh and has cheered up my otherwise rainy day in Spain 🙂

  5. This post made me smile. I was on a flight once and Jedward came running down the aisle just before take-off. Of course, I had to tweet about it and one of Jedward jumps up and asks: ‘who’s tweeting about us?” Of course I went bright red so they knew it was me! Someday I’m gonna do this tour of the star’s shrubbery! 😀

    1. Ha ha, Jedward. Sure to bring a smile to your face!

      Kate, do it!!! It was kind of weird, but kind of hilarious all at the same time!! Maybe I am just easily pleased… 🙂

  6. Ha ha ha! Madonna’s shrub. Is that “style” returning in style 🙂 Your content really do create me have a good laugh and has cheered up my otherwise stormy day in Spain.
    Thanks to provide this content and pictures. I really experienced to study this article.

    1. Ha ha Johm, apparently a big bush is all the rage in Hollywood these days! 🙂

      Glad that I cheered up your day. What more could I ask for and that in turn has made me really happy!

  7. Haha I love this! Of all the people to spot in LA!

    Found your blog as I was googling things about LA… did you prefer the Venice area or Hollywood?

    1. Hey Hayley, I know, most random celebrity spot ever? Where was Brad Pitt????

      They were both cool places to visit. I wouldn’t want to stay downtown though, really liked staying in Venice Beach/Santa Monica area. Nice to be close to the beach! 🙂

      Have fun!!!

  8. Haha think I am going to skip the Tours of the Stars Front Gates/Fences/Shrubbery tour. Kind of happy I opted out of doing that on my last trip to LA too…. Might hit up Hollywood Blvd again though and see if I can spot any celebs 😀

    1. Hi Chanel! Ha ha, have I not sold t to you? 🙂 It was fun but I think I too would give it a miss next time! Buy a map and have a drive round. Cheaper and more effective!

      Will you be at TBEX in Stockholm?

  9. Hi Helen- We opted for the map and a rental car and had a lot of fun. While probably a lot of the homes on the map were bogus, it was fun riding through Beverly Hills and the canyons. We did see Jack Nickelson at a stoplight- he motioned for us to go at the green light. I recommend visiting The Grove- we saw Joey McIntyre and Bob Hoskins walking. The Warner Bros tour was fun. We got to see the inside set of The Mentalist and if they are filming you might see celebs walking in between the buildings.

  10. Hi Helen,

    Hope you are fine!

    Thanks for sharing an wonderful travelling trip. I am also thinking to go that place. I love all of your charming image. Also I like the maximum Hollywood stars as well.

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