What It’s Really Like to Travel With Rock My Adventure

Ever wondered what Rock My Adventure tours are really like? 

I’ve often tried to capture the spirit of Rock My Adventure, through my words and pictures, but it’s always really tricky to show just how incredible these tours really are!

I’m no filmmaker, but throughout the years, I took video snippets of a few of the many spontaneous and incredible moments that happen on Rock My Adventure tours.

Thankfully, my friends Yishyene and Ricardo of I Can Film That managed to turn my random video clips into something that I feel really captures the magic of Rock My Adventure (check out the whale shark clip – one of my life highlights).

So now I’m so excited to show you what Rock My Adventure is all about. Not just through my eyes, but through the eyes of my previous clients, some of whom very kindly agreed to be in the video too! Thank you Katja, Brittany, Heather & Jon for your beautiful words!

This video has been a labour of love and I’m so, soooo happy how it turned out… I hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like to find out more about Rock My Adventure please head over to the Rock My Adventure website to read about our AMAZING Africa tours!

We’re now taking bookings for 2021, with flexible bookings and full money-back guarantee should we have to cancel any tours due to Covid-19 (but hopefully we won’t)! 

We now offer Rock My Adventure trips to over 15 different African countries and can’t wait to share our love of Africa with you! 


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