Photos to Inspire You to Visit Madagascar

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Madagascar
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Madagascar is a very unique country, different to anywhere else I’ve ever been, with landscapes, animals and cultural traditions that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a bit like Africa and a bit like Southeast Asia, but not quite like either.

The first time I went to Madagascar, I spent time in the west, south and east of the country. This time I was primarily in the north. But it’s such a big island, I still have plenty more to explore! And I’d quite happily go back to all the places I’ve already been.

I loved both trips but they were completely different. Every part of Madagascar has it’s own unique characteristics and a slightly different feel to it. And even that can change dramatically, depending on the the time of year.

My favourite part of my first trip was driving through rivers, taking car ferries, seeing the Avenue of the Baobabs and hearing the haunting call of the indris (the biggest lemur) in Mitsinjo forest. My favourite part of my last trip included hiking along deserted beaches, swimming with whale sharks and turtles, and seeing humpback whales.

So I wanted to share a few of my favourite photos so that you can see (some of) the diversity of this wonderful country. And if you’re already planning a trip, don’t forget to check out my post about all the things you should know before visiting Madagascar – I promise you the advice will come in handy for this weird and wonderful place.

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Madagascar

Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar
Avenue of the Baobabs
Group tour at Tsingy Rouge in Madagascar
The cool rock formations at Tsingy Rouge
Male Black Lemur in Madagascar
A male black lemur
Female Black Lemur in Madagascar
A female black lemur
Nosy Iranja Sandbar Madagascar
The view of the Nosy Iranja sandbank from the lighthouse
Swimming with Whale Sharks in Nosy Be Madagascar
Swimming with Whale Sharks in Nosy Be
Colourful Local Bar in Madagascar
Local Bar in Antsiranana also called Diego Suarez
Jacaranda tree in Antananarivo, Madagascar
Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo with the Jacaranda trees in full bloom (taken in early November)
Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur Madagascar
The Black-and-white ruffed lemur
Local market in Antananarivo, Madagascar
Analakely Market in Antananarivo where you can buy all sorts of things
Car stuck in a river in Madagascar
One of our cars, stuck in a river on the way to Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park – the roads in Madagascar are something else
Traditional Malagasy Instruments
Traditional Malagasy instruments at the Route Digue craft market
Thermal Swimming Pool in Ranomafana Madagascar
The local thermal swimming pool in Ranomafana
Chameleon in Madagascar
Madagascar is famous for having 96 different chameleon species – more than any other country in the world
Pousse Pousse Madagascar
Travelling by pousse pousse (tuk tuk) is a popular way to get around for both locals and tourists
Ring-tailed Lemur Madagascar
A ring-tailed lemur aka King Julien from the film Madagascar
Antananarivo Madagascar
Antananarivo from above – taken from the viewpoint near to the Queen’s Palace
Group at the Isalo Window in Madagascar
The Isalo Window, a cool rock formation in Isalo National Park
Avenue of the Baobabs in Madagascar at Sunset
The Avenue of the Baobabs at sunset
A Car Ferry River Crossing Madagascar
A Malagasy car ferry – this is the only way to get to some of the more remote places in Madagascar if travelling by road
A Mouse Lemur Madagascar
A tiny mouse lemur – the smallest primate in the world
Street Art Lemur in Atsiranana Diego Suarez Madagascar
Local street art in Antsiranana
Market Day in Madagascar
Market day
The Emerald Sea Madagascar
The crystal clear water of the ‘Emerald Sea’
Beaches in Madagascar
Enjoying the beautiful beaches of northern Madagascar
Local rum in Madagascar
Madagascar has great rum – go easy, it’s strong stuff
Tuk Tuk in Madagascar
Taking a tuk tuk is a great way to travel around towns in Madagascar
Zebu Cart in Madagascar
Local cows named zebus are an integral part of Malagasy life, for food (usually special occasions), wealth and transport
Masonjaony Face Mask Madagascar
Malagasy women paint their faces with clay for decoration and protection from the sun
Hills of Madagascar
There’s a lot of deforestation in Madagascar, but there are still some beautiful landscapes

I hope these photos inspire you to visit incredible Madagascar!

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Photos to Inspire You to Visit Madagascar

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